Big Boob Photos » July 2002 Voluptuous

July 2002 Voluptuous

Back in December 2000 V-Mag, Laura said, "I think I could be a good wife. I know I could. If only a man would give me chance." Much as we love Laura and her wonderfully huge massagers, we balk at marriage and several V-Mag editors already have two-to-three prior alimony payments to deal with. No, we'd rather see them in their birthday suit, do the shoot, hand them the loot and then give them the boot. It makes life so much easier. Well, it looks like we almost lost Laura to a bloke, but, at the last minute, the callous cad made some sarcastic remarks to Laura about dropping her weight before their wedding. What an asswipe. Stung to the bone, Laura mulled the future, then cancelled the ceremony, returned the gown and -- months later -- called our lads at the London studio. They had their tissues ready and plenty of film. Thank the Boob Gods she felt like posing once again because it's been a long time (January 2001 V-Mag) since Laura showed her bits.
Featuring: Laura Bailey
Duration: 30
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