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Kylie Warm And Toasty

Our Featured Amateur this month is Kylie Barrett, who bares it here just for the thrill of it. Yes, it can be a thrill for a lot of girls to know that thousands of guys will be milking their ball sacs to their pictures. It's just a shame that women don't do the same to guys pictures. But that's the nature of the beast. There's nothing we can do about the fundamentals of human behavior. Look, we didn't ask to be born. So we might as well make the best of things on this ball of dust that floats in the inky blackness of space. Okay, now that we've taken a deep breath, let's get back to Kylie, who's 29 years old and lists her measurements as 40-27-38. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where it rains a lot so the female residents spend a lot of time running around the house naked. She works as an advertising executive.
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