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Housewife Of The Month

Our "Housewife of the Month" Krystal is 24 years old, and lives in Washington State. Born in Brussels, Belgium, she is currently the owner of a travel agency and we're sure she does very nicely at it, since she speaks French, German, Spanish and English. This is a good month for multilingual big toppers. We have to thank Krystal's husband, a Voluptuous subscriber, who okayed her posing here--not a lot of guys would allow their huge breasted wives to do that. Perfectly understandable. But hey, he gets to sleep with her every night, and we don't, so who's got the better overall deal here? She's 44-32-40, wears a 38F bra, stands 5'6" and weighs 158 whopping lbs. A guy needs to take a lot of vitamin E to handle a babe like this, with so much to love. Do you know a good looking housewife with natural, major league yabos? Think she'd go for some worshipping in the temple of Voluptuous? If so, have her contact us here at SCORELAND or tell her to send some snaps to our Miami office. We're looking for the hottest, biggest breasted housefraus out there. The key terms here: real housewives and huge tits.
Featuring: Krystal Banks
Duration: 20
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