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Kristy In An Orange Dress

"I know a guy who plays basketball in the NBA," Kristy says. "I met him before I had this last augmentation. I saw him afterwards and he said to me, 'Oh, no, you were big enough before!' As if to say, I didn't need to get any bigger. The other day, I saw him in a restaurant. I was sitting there by myself, and he says, `Hi, how are you? I want you to come over to my table and meet my friend.' I was just elated by that. This guy is famous, he's out there playing every other day, and people see him on national TV, and he's asking me, `Can you meet my friend?' I was thinking, `Oh my God, I'm a star to him.' I felt so good!" Boys, meet Kristy, a professional dominatrix, which means men pay her good money to get treated like ca-ca. To them, though, it's love, Kristy says. "Most of them are interested in control," Kristy told us when we interviewed her at SCORE HQ. "They want to be controlled. They want to worship me.
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Wow, what beautiful breasts and smile!
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