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Mean Girls

On the grounds of the Hungarian castle featured in Hungary For Hooters, Melissa Mandlikova and Kristy Klenot lay in wait for Jasmine Black. "Here comes Jasmine, that snotty bitch. Get that bucket ready," Kristy snidely tells a smiling Melissa. Two buckets filled with water are by their sides. They're mean girls, these two, and Jasmine is going to feel their bitch-hands. "We'll teach that little slut a lesson, won't we?" They wait until Jasmine walks by and then they splash her. Jasmine is justifiably incensed at this offense and the insults fly. A wild bitch-fight kicks off. Jasmine runs, with Melissa and Kristy right behind her. "We'll teach you a good lesson, Jasmine.
Date: November 1st, 2008
Duration: 80

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7 years ago 
It's about damned time you got shoes OFF your models! If Score would guarantee that every model would shoot a set BAREFOOT then I would keep my subscription. As it stands I subscribe once every 12 months since Score archives every model. I mean how many shoots did Score do of Romanian Joana and NOT ONCE was she barefoot!
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