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On Her Bed

Contender for pregnant hottie of the year with Nicole of September 2000 Voluptuous, not that we have such a contest in mind, Krista of New York is NINE MONTHS pregnant. At this point, we'll be bringing our photographer into the delivery room next time for a shoot just minutes before the model gives birth. Okay, just kidding. Like the hospital would let us. Both Nicole and Krista have very pretty faces, too. Krista is 23 years-old, born July 14th, 1971. She's 5'3" tall, and measured 36-23-32 before she was knocked up. At the time this pictorial was shot, Krista measured 40-34-34. Her bra size requirement expanded from a 32A to a 36D. Nicole is taller than Krista by an inch and weighs more, both before and during pregnancy.
Featuring: Krista
Duration: 20
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