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Hello Kitty

"I have big pussy lips, I know," Kitty Lee says. "Some guys are fascinated by them, almost as much as the guys who like playing with my tits for hours. There have been a few who said my pussy lips are kind of weird, but mainly I meet guys who like them. They're usually the guys who are really into sex, like guys who want sex a few times a day, every day. It feels great when a guy, or a girl, is eating my pussy and sucks on the lips and kind of nibbles on them, chews on them very gently. That does feel great. Then if they put a finger or two inside my pussy and massage my G-spot at the same time, look out. I'm on the express train to an orgasm!".
Featuring: Kitty Lee
Date: July 21st, 2008
Duration: 70

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5 years ago 
Great photos , execpt for the dildo.
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