SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
Interview With Kitty Lee
The Kitty Lee Interview Originally published in November '07 V-Mag Interview conducted by Dave Rosenbaum
V-Mag: How are you today, Kitty? Kitty Lee: I'm doing very well, thank you.
V-Mag: You came all the way to Miami to pose for us from California, are you near Los Angeles? Kitty Lee: Not very close to L.A., more toward the mountains.
V-Mag: Well, Kitty, you are a very mountainess girl, aren't you. Kitty Lee: Yes, I guess I am! [Laughs and holds breasts]
V-Mag: And just exactly how big is "Mount Kitty?" Kitty Lee: I was told Mount Kitty is 36DDD, but I wear a 36DD bra.
V-Mag: So you think the bras you've been wearing are too small? Well, we're going to have to check this out, so please take your top off and let us see. [Kitty stands and lowers her top, revealing her bra. Kitty Lee: This is a 36DD.
V-Mag: But isn't that a little too small for you? Kitty Lee: Yeah, I have tacos.
V-Mag: Tacos? Kitty Lee: That's what I call it when my boobs pop out of the sides, tacos.
V-Mag: I've heard pussies referred to as tacos. Kitty Lee: Well, my titties look like tacos when they're smashed. [Laughs]
V-Mag: That bra is a little too small for you. Is it uncomfortable? Kitty Lee: A little bit, not too bad.
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