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Kitty Cute: All Curves & Big Boobs

Kitty Cute is the third big-boobed hottie photographed in Europe recently. She bounced into our lives at the same time as the Star sisters Erin and Helen. Sometimes great things come in threes. While the Star sisters have baldies, Kitty sports a full bush. She has a seductive look in her eyes and her big natural tits look like scale-busters. "I always need to wear a bra," Kitty said during this photo shoot. "Only at home can I be without one. I need to get a fitting. Here it's very difficult to get bras in big sizes." Kitty likes dressing casually. What she wears in this pictorial stops guys cold.
Featuring: Kitty Cute
Date: June 10th, 2017
Duration: 50

Member Comments

6 months ago 
I LOVE seeing that girl's gorgeous hairy pussy & dream hairy delicious asshole, along with her HUGE dream tits-omg she is HEAVEN!!!
9 months ago 
I really love this new lady. She s got looks that kill !
Lustful glances, big natural boobs, shapely legs and THAT BUSH & PUSSY LIPS !! OMG !!
Imo, best hairy pussy & large labia since Vanessa Y.
Please tons more of Kitty Cute ! And Vanessa Y..!
10 months ago 
kitty is beautiful
10 months ago 
HOLY SHIT!!!!! Good work Score!
10 months ago 
the next big star
10 months ago 
Count me in as a Kitty fan. Lovely hairy pussy and oh so juicy. I also love her facial expressions. Great model!
10 months ago 
Love her big boobs and they way her pussy looks juicy in several of the shots. I especially like that she hasn't shaved her pussy.
10 months ago 
Stunning girl with huge long heavy boobs, almost like the same size like Christy Marks' Long huge boobs, this girl is amazing, I love her hairy bush, and her areolas are huge and pale pink, she has lovely narrow hips, her stunning huge boobs are spectacular, I wish she could be standing up totally straight on the FULL body shots, sadly she is not, I mean the best way to capture a FULL BODY SHOT is when the girl is not bending, twisting or flexing her body, is the best when is totally standing up straight then we can see how long are her boobs and we can finally measure the boobs waist hips ratio, sadly on these images cameraman did not tell her to stand up straight. I hope dear score can tell camera crew to always get at least ONE image like that, at least the FULL COMPLETE STANDING UP STRAIGHT FRONTAL SHOT... THANKS...
10 months ago 
Oh, Yes! Big Boobs and a Hairy Nest too! I love this one. Thanks a ton.
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