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Hardcore Special

"I was always really sexual," Kianna Dior explained, although we kinda figured that out. "When I got old enough, I used to take my boyfriend down to peep shows. He'd be like, 'Can't we just have normal sex once in a while, like in a bed?' but I loved having sex in the peep-show booths. You know, I can't believe I'm telling you this. I've never told anybody before about the peep-show booths. I'd always kept that a secret. I'd take my boyfriend and drag him down to a totally seedy part of Vancouver, and we'd go into the booth, put our money in to turn on the movie and fuck. I didn't sit down or touch anything, but I always got creative. I didn't want my ass to touch anything because those peep-show booths are kind of dirty and guys leave their cum behind. Like, we'd get into the booth and turn on the movie, and I'd bend over and give him a blow job while he watched, and I'd make sure I could watch, too.
Featuring: Kianna Dior
Date: May 13th, 2007
Duration: 50
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