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December 2001 Score

Featuring: Kerry Marie
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SCORE: Can you tell us where you got your complexion from? KERRY MARIE: My real dad is half Greek, plus some Florida sun has definitely helped since I've been here in Key Largo. I do tan very easily. SCORE: Are people surprised that you're English because of your complexion? KERRY MARIE: Yeah, some people are surprised. I get accused of being anything from Spanish to Indian to everything, so some people don't believe that I am English. But I am English, just a little bit Greek. SCORE: Now, of course, you haven't always been a model and a dancer. Weren't you a dental hygienist at one time? KERRY MARIE: I was actually a dental nurse for about seven months. It was quite an enjoyable job because I loved working with people. I couldn't be behind a desk in an office. I have to be with people. And it was a very good job. Bad pay, but good job. SCORE: You've had quite a few jobs.

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August 04, 2014
This pictorial is simply classic. I remember when I saw it over a decade ago.

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