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In Purple Sheets

Hey guys, the Canadian, U.K. and several foreign governments don't dig pregnant women..something about sex with degradation. It is better than some of those Arab governments, who cut off your hand if you jerk off, so let's keep the glass half-full! Anyway, we don't have any milking or overtly preggo shit going on here, but if you're a full-fledged boob-man, just one look at Kelly O'Dell's areolae and nipples tells you everything you need to know..the time? Five months! And, if you're wondering, "This editor has fuckin' flipped! What are you talking about?" The internet has few censorship problems so..SHE'S PREGNANT! KNOCKED UP! AND HER TITTIES ARE GETTING FLUSHED AND ENGORGED AND READY TO BE SUCKED ON! Got it? You see, when chicks get pregnant, this is what happens. Their titties get bigger, fuller, more sensitive and their areolae get real flushed! Like they're constantly horny. Their nipples..spigots! Faucets to heaven! .
Featuring: Kelly O'Dell
Duration: 20
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