Big Boob Photos » January 2002 Voluptuous

January 2002 Voluptuous

V-MAG: When did you start developing? KELLY: What's really interesting is that I was horribly flat-chested till I was about 17. In fact, I couldn't even wear a bra, I was so flat. And I used to go home crying from school, the boys made fun of me so much. I was mortified. I'd cry to my mom, "Mom, what's wrong with me? How come I don't have boobs. You have boobs, my sisters have boobs. I'm born into a family of boobs and I didn't get any." I remember crying in the shower, praying to God that my boobs would grow. Then my prayers were answered at about seventeen when they started growing all of a sudden. And they kept growing. And then when I was in college, I grew another two inches in height and my boobs grew some more.
Featuring: Kelly Madison
Duration: 30
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