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May 2005 Score

Newcomer of the Year meets Model of the Year for the first time in London. "Time will tell, of course, whether Kelly has Linsey's longevity and impact on the big-boob modeling world," declares C.L., of New Hyde Park, New York. "It never ceases to amaze me that Linsey's appeal is so timeless. Time and again, she gets me hard. I think, though, that Kelly is very competitive with Linsey in terms of the size and fullness of her breasts and the overall shape of her body. Kelly exudes a sexiness that is rare in an 18-year-old. Of course, Linsey has been modeling for a long time, so she knows how to make herself look great for us. Either way, both girls stand on their own as great big-breasted models, and I'd be proud to walk down the street with either of them." V.S. of parts unknown is more on the pithy side: "Is Kelly Kay Linsey's equal? Who gives a fuck? All I know is that there isn't a guy in the world who wouldn't gladly blow his load all over either one of their chests.".
Duration: 50
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