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Score June 2006

"When is Kelly Kay going to take her damn panties off?" groused R.S. in a rant about Kelly in September, 2004. "Her embarrassed clothed virginity is getting tiresome. She's got a great body, but I want to see the whole package and it's getting annoying seeing the self-conscious way those panties stay on in every shoot. What is it, four now on Scoreland?" Nearly two years later, everyone hopes that R.S. is experiencing a higher degree of emotional satisfaction now that Kelly has expanded her boundaries to spreading her totally gorgeous pussy, sticking in a finger or two, and playing around with toys. Panties be damned! Full speed ahead! But don't forget one thing, R.S. It's always going to be all about the boobs here. .
Featuring: Kelly Kay
Duration: 40

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Very georgous.
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