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September 2005 Score

Kelly said she was a C-cupper when she was 11 years-old! That's just mindboggling. But she didn't like them! She thought they were too big. At 15, Kelly changed her attitude and started to like her tits a lot more. Finally at 18, she realized that they were special and she now loves them. Thank God! Since more than 113,000 women had breast reduction surgery just in 2003 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Kelly could have wound up following suit. Think how many potential Kelly Kays have done this terrible thing. So thank your lucky stars this Kelly didn't! This month, Kelly heads outdoors to wash cars, and get soaked--all for your viewing pleasure. A companion pictorial to the car wash video previously posted on Scoreland. If only Miss Kay hadn't stopped to lick and suck her nipples, the car would have been finished much earlier. Please don't write in to complain about this.
Featuring: Kelly Kay
Duration: 40
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