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Featuring: Kelly Kay
Date: November 11th, 2008
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Here's a Kelly Kay story. Kelly was shopping for clothes in Liverpool, her home town. The salesgirl at one store was fascinated by the size of Kelly's tits. She was tiny-busted herself, and she asked Kelly a bunch of questions about how Kelly feels about her tits. she asked her questions like "does she like them?", "how big are they?" and "when did they get so big?" Sounds like the stuff guys would ask Kelly. Kelly said she felt that the salesgirl was jealous because the clerk said she wished she had half of what Kelly had, but she didn't want to get a boob job and couldn't afford one anyway. She asked Kelly if she knew of any natural supplements she could take to promote breast growth or any exercises she could do to stimulate them. Kelly wanted to help but she just didn't have an answer. A girl either has it or she doesn't. The salesgirl did help Kelly pick out some hot clothes.

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August 09, 2016
She's a very, very beautiful woman.
January 02, 2015
Beautiful babe.
April 24, 2010
Every girl should pose with some hair on her pussy at one point. Beautiful.
January 31, 2010
I like the way she opens her cunt in picture 50.

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