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Kellei Retro

Biggest boobed Asian in the world! That's the title everyone thought Kellei G. was vying for during her all-too-brief career as a SCORE model. Unfortunately, shooting for any Asian boob championship when Minka's around is like trying to be the world's greatest golfer when there's Tiger Woods. The competition is tough. Unbeatable, really. For those of you keeping SCORE, Minka won, although there was no real shooting match, so to speak. Kellei made three appearances in SCORE between 1996 and '98 and blew us away with her boob power. We first saw her wearing a banana and red heels in a hot poolside layout in the June 1996 issue. Then it was white thigh-highs and an industrial strength boulder holder in her pictorial for the April 1998 issue. And finally, in the Holiday 1998 issue, we got to see Kellei at work, dancing and collecting dollar bills with her mouth at a club in San Diego.
Featuring: Kellei
Duration: 20
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