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New Discovery

Meet the latest mega-busted babe on the block: Keisha Evans of Kansas City, Missouri, who has a boob-fetish that rivals our own. Keisha's seemingly appeared out of nowhere, just like another young lady did five years ago. Keisha's boobs ("3000cc round-shelled saline implants over-filled to 4000cc") weigh a staggering 11 pounds each. When Keisha was at the SCORE Studio, she brought along what she called her "Franken-bra," a huge garment that was part harness, part bra. But Keisha's not sure what her bra size is. When someone is this gigantic, conventional measurements and estimations are useless. Using the standard formula to calculate cup size based on several steps that bra people use, Keisha has been told that she could be a 30V or a 32T-cup, which, technically, does not exist. At the studio, our stylist measured her figure at 50-29-42. (She weighs 150 lbs. and stands 5'8".) No matter how you look at them, Keisha's going to have to have all of her bras custom-made.
Featuring: Keisha Evans
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3 years ago 
Great set! She gets nude quickly with no distracting scenery..did I mention she has a great body? No...she has an AMAZING body!
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