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Kayla Gets Wet

SCORE: I guess by doing hardcore, you've won over some fans who probably weren't aware of you in the past or weren't aware of SCORE. KAYLA: Yeah. Probably. I'd like to think I brought some new fans to the big-boob arena. How could it not? It's just a whole different fan base. There are guys who aren't big magazine guys, but they love to watch videos, and the more stuff you do, the more turned on they get, so why not? See, the thing is, there are guys who don't care if you do hardcore or not. They're happy just to see you. Then there are some guys who want to see video. I'm hoping I'm giving them the best of both worlds. SCORE: When you're having sex, how big a part do your boobs play? KAYLA: (laughing) Well, they play a very active part.
Featuring: Kayla Kleevage
Duration: 90

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3 years ago 
OMG...what a body! The boobs are obvious, but she has a GREAT butt, too! Saw her perform in ' polaroids, but didn't get a private show...a HUGE regret.
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