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Score April 2007

Featuring: Kayla Kleevage
Date: March 25th, 2007
Photos: 40
SCORE: You must stop traffic. KAYLA: Yeah, I do. I'll tell you a story. I was in London one time, and it was so funny. I was just walking down the street toward Buckingham Place, and two guys on little mopeds just ran into each other. Boom! I was just standing there. I was like, "Wow, how did this happen? I guess my boobs did it again!" SCORE: Is that the only accident you've ever caused? KAYLA: The only one I'm aware of. SCORE: Other than the ones in guys' pants, which you probably cause quite a bit. KAYLA: I hope so! I have to do something there! That accident in London is the only one I've ever actually noticed, but a lot of times I just kind of put blinders on, because if I paid attention to everyone who's gawking at me, I'd start to get a complex. I just put my blinders on and go into my own little world and do what I have to do and try to leave all of the "Holy shits" and "God damns!" behind.

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January 11, 2016
Kayla is still, for me, hands down (or should that be pants down?) the sexiest model you have ever had in Score.
February 26, 2015
I'm sure I'm not the only guy to say this, but before she retires or I die, I wanna FUCK HER!!!!

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