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Hardcore Special

Featuring: Kayla Cam
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Hey guys, it's pick-up time again with me, The Pick-Up Artist, Charlie O'Neal. I usually hook up with a Naughty Neighbors girl for point-of-view action oral and boob-banging. But I love big tits also. Any kind of big tits. I'm not a snob. This week, a built-for-cock raunchy redhead named Kayla Cam comes over to my place and slides her pink tongue around my putz. Kayla's changed her name to Kayla Quinn since then but what's in a name as long as she has a nice pair of hooters I can slide my meat between? A friend of mine once said, 'Charlie, your photos have a really sleazy, amateur look about them compared to the slick photo sets out there. Don't you want to polish up your raunchy camera work?" To tell you the truth, I've been hearing this crap for a long time. My answer is no. I like how it comes out.

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