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Baby Blue Room

So we asked Katt what impresses her in a guy, knowing full well that this was a mistake. "What impresses me? A guy with maturity, someone who knows what he wants out of life and goes after it. The ability to make me laugh and the humility to laugh at my bad humor. Anyone who thinks that women belong in the kitchen is not my kind of man." Well, like we said, that knocks us out of the saddle. There's no way any man can live up to the unattainable, unrealistic goals that women have since they were allowed to vote. So we moved over to a few bra questions. "I almost always wear a bra..the support issue, you know. I like low-cut demi bras that hook in the back because they just don't make cute front-hooking bras. I guess I own between 10 and 15 bras at any one time. I like cute-looking bras.
Featuring: Katt Messina
Duration: 30

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