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Nurse Katt

Just what the doctor ordered to get us over the hump. We'd like to thank Katt for meeting Michigan SCORE readers at the 'Book Mark' adult store in Lansing, Michigan and signing copies of this issue. For a photo of Katt, click here to go to SCORE Card #101, letter three. Yes, although a neophyte to men's mag modeling, little Katt knew all too well what those guys were going to do when they got home, and for those who couldn't wait, when they got to their vehicles. While it's obvious that a perfect day for Katt is signing SCORE Magazines, what is Katt's idea of a second-best perfect day? "I wake up early, go jogging with my puppy, come home and shower, do some gardening, pick wild strawberries, go out to lunch with a book, meet friends later for a BBQ, lay in the sun, drink a beer, invite my man over and stay up all night.".
Featuring: Katt Messina
Duration: 85
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