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New Discovery

Featuring: Katt Messina
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History repeats itself as we unearth this 1905 French Postcard of Katt's great-grandmother Katharina. She modeled for seedy, beret-wearing photographers who chased her around their attic studios trying to get a kiss. They always failed. Not only was feisty little Katt a teriffic new model, but, she also dusted the SCORE studio in this hot little French Maid's costume. You can't ask for more than that. The worst thing a guy can say to Katt is: "Women belong in the kitchen." So we didn't. We said she belongs in the living room in a French Maid's outfit. It worked. A college cutie studying landscape design, Katt was referred to us by a SCORE reader. Another winnah of the SCORE Group Scholarship Program.

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