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"Ah, that yellow dress! It's been the stuff of my fans' fantasies since 1997!" Kathi Somers of says. "I got the dress and the heels at a little shop in Costa Mesa, California, called Tanya's Clothes and Shoes for Brave Women. I've never been able to find out who made it, since Tanya had her own label on the dress and on the shoes. The dress is a medium and is very stretchy! The shoes are a size 7, which is more than two sizes too small for me and explains why I can't walk very well in them! Tanya sold the shop to some folks who renamed it The Wicked Chamber ( I've done some shopping there, too." "I shop everywhere. It's difficult to find things that will fit across my chest and still nip in at the waist. Spandex and Lycra are vital fabrics. I look for things that stretch a lot and buy the smallest size I can stuff my breasts into. I actually shop at a lot of mainstream places; I just make sure that I look for things that have some stretch. I tend to shop in stores and catalogs that are geared for teenagers, since they have the most interesting styles (such as Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Clothestime and Newport News). I don't care for department stores, because the things they generally carry are so conservative.
Featuring: Kathi Somers
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4 years ago 
I LOVE Kathi! She has incredible breasts, we can all see that, but for me she has this playful look to her that just tells me she'd be FUN to be with, socially and sexually. What an amazing woman!
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