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February 2003 Score

Yes, this is the same sweet-looking, innocent, virginal Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm-Polyanna-Heidi girl of September '02 SCORE. Holy Fuck! Well, this pretty much tells us yet again not to place 'em on pedestals. Do we ever learn? N-a-a-h-h-h. Our fearless editor Dave says, "Eye contact. It's an important aspect of any boy-girl pictorial, and it's something the Eastern European girls have down cold, as if their house-dress-clad mothers said to them, 'Always make sure you look into the camera while you're getting fucked. And here's the old family recipe for babka, sweety.' Our theory about this is that many of the Eastern European countries were repressed under Communism for so many years that when the Berlin Wall toppled down and the Soviet Union lost its iron grip, decades of unexpressed, unfulfilled sexual tension flooded out of the daughters and granddaughters of the persecuted. And this is how they're celebrating." Must be so, as the Czech Republic has been an inferno of sexual license since the liberation. .
Featuring: Kate
Duration: 30
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