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September 2002 Score

Kate is a 20 year-old Czech and the pee-wee of the group this month. As your friendly neighborhood SCORE editor Dave wrote in the magazine: "These are not the biggest tits you'll see in this issue of SCORE. At 34D, Kate is just barely big enough to make it into the pages of the world's # 1 big-boob magazine. But she's here for two reasons: the ski-jump slope of her perfect, natural breasts and her pointy, buttercup nipples. Yeah, the pretty face and the Pippi Longstocking hairdo help, too, but most of all, we felt tit-men needed to have a look at her boobs. And, besides, we like taking sweet, young girls from Eastern Europe and corrupting them. Kate, who lives in Prerov far from Prague, doesn't get dirty in this pictorial, but her nipples are enough to get us squirting anytime." Kate has the kind of boob structure we used to see more often in models of the 1970s and 1980s: perky, with an uplifted tilt, and nipples pointy enough to cut glass.
Featuring: Kate
Duration: 30
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