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The Katarina Post-preggo Workout

Katarina Dubrova is back and she's the same slim and stacked hottie she was before her pregnant series. No stretch marks on her slim belly, no stretch marks on her big naturals. She actually looks like she hasn't aged a bit since she debuted ten years ago! Has Katarina found a hot tub time machine? Since becoming a mommy, and calling her a MILF now is entirely accurate, Katarina is now a total homebody. "I usually stay at home now. We have a big fireplace in the living room so I watch TV, make hot tea and relax. "I don't look at my videos and pictures. I only go on the internet for emails or for information about domestic matters. For me, my modeling life and my personal life are two different worlds. I enjoy both but keep them separate. I don't want to mix them together..and now I am a busy mother with a baby.
Featuring: Katarina Dubrova
Date: March 1st, 2017
Duration: 90

Member Comments

1 year ago 
The last four pics showing her FULL BODY from head to toe with her arms down and her huge boobs free just hanging down and low, are just the best way to judge any model body proportions, thanks to camera crew for finally capturing the WHOLE BEAUTY besides the other great shots and the usual variety of angles, but this standing up straight pose with arms down, no covering the boobs, and specially no bending her beautiful body is just perfect to see her beautiful amazing body she has, notice how on the other cropped shots is difficult to reach this amount of information that only a FULL BODY SHOT CAN PROVIDE, I just wish this can be done by SCORE as a must for all models on pics and video like for example on this photo set the last 5 images were dedicated to show the FULL FRONT, SIDE, SIDE 3 quarters, and BACK of her incredible body, fully nude, that is just PERFECTION, THANKS CAMERA CREW, I HOPE YOU CAN INCLUDE ALWAYS THIS KIND OF FULL BODY IMAGE with camera positioned just like on these last 5 images, camera is not too high, is not too low, is just balanced at a normal height, her body looks just NATURAL AND STUNNING BEAUTIFUL, thanks again....
1 year ago 
Great to see her back and that everything is okay. She is just as hot as she was before the pregnancy.
1 year ago 
simply the best
1 year ago 
Katarina is still my favorite! I wish you had more sets of her pregnant or lactating, but she's beautiful all the same!
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