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Holiday Voluptuous 98'

OUR NEW COMER OF THE MONTH! BARELY LEGAL! TOTALLY HOT! If any of you are having trouble figuring out what you want for Christmas, might we suggest some.. BOOBS WELLINGTON! NEWSFLASH! NEWSFLASH! NEWSFLASH! We interrupt this preview for an important, public service message: The name: Karen Wellington! The Date: Holiday '98 Voluptuous! The Scoop: She's so fuckin' hot, you're gonna spray like a fire hose! If you don't cum gallons over Karen, go get a pink carnation 'cause here's another newsflash, if you ain't gay, you're on your way! Take it from an editor who has made over 100 magazines and seen thousands of nekkid women, this is a Voluptuous poster-girl! And she's only 18! Fresh! Young! Stacked! And she's local.. do you smell chat? We're trying.. pray! .
Featuring: Karen Wellington
Duration: 24
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