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The Sex Bomb Power of Karen Fisher

Featuring Karen Fisher
Date June 6th, 2011
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Karen Fisher (Big Tit Tune-Up, SCORE Sexplosion, SCOREtv Holiday Edition) lives, breathes and eats sex. Her latest on SCORELAND was a nutbuster with the smokin' hot Kelly Christiansen and a dude in a rare threesome. It's hard to believe it's been four years since her last visit. And it's still hard to believe she was a shy girl growing up. "You know, it's not easy to be young and big-busted, and I got so much attention," Karen remembered. "I'd sit in the back of the room, but all that happened then was the boys in the back started staring at me and doing all kinds of stupid kid things." Karen started off as an exotic dancer and private lactator, then tried modeling and, finally, hardcore fucking. Yet some shyness and reserve is still in sight. A few years ago, she watched herself in the SCORE Sexplosion bathtub scene in a videotaped interview and that was a completely new experience for me, reviewing her videos. She seemed embarrassed, felt it was weird to watch herself be mouth-fucked and tit-fucked. She didn't even want to say the word "fuck." Chicks! They're so much deeper than guys.

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Spatts McGillicuddy
February 15, 2014
Karen Fisher is fantastic. She's what I call a "Super MILF". She'll be hot at age 60! Those big titties would just melt in MY mouth!
June 12, 2011
Beautiful. Pictorials like this are what I love about Scoreland. Big, beautiful busty babes, perfect hair, professional photography, convincing sets. Karen looks fucking awesome here.
June 06, 2011
how I love Karen,so gorgeous,just keeps getting better!

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