Teacher Teacher
"Could I ask for some more photo sets of the beautiful Kandy Cole as I think she is amazing," Richard requests. And J.Z. emails, "Like Lillian Faye, Kandy Cole has an outstanding figure and an ease with the camera well beyond her modeling experience." Finally, Kevin says, "Kandy Cole is never going to be a SCORE superstar, but I just wanted to show some support for her. Kandy is what I'd call an "all-rounder." Yes, she has great tits, and that's what got her into SCORE, but those legs and that ass are equally impressive. Add a pretty face to the mix and you've got grade-A wife material." Only a part-time model, Kandy doesn't pose much. She never planned on modeling as a full-time career, which is why she doesn't pose for every professional photographer in the UK. In fact, it took some persuasion to get Kandy back. But she looks like she's enjoying every minute of this photo shoot. .
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