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The Breast of Big Boobs P.O.V.

Featuring Kali West
Date May 6th, 2014
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What is best in life? A beautiful, busty girl trying on sexy clothing for you and then playing with your cock, sucking you and fucking you. Dinners, movies, ball games, days at the beach. No matter what you may do on a date, all of that is the lead-off to fucking your brains out. That's the idea with Kali West. "If a guy can make me happy, it turns me on, and then I want to make him happy. I want to put a smile on his face, too!" Kali said. She's looking very happy here giving you her very special one-on-one attention!

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May 06, 2014
Chief of the Boob Brotherhood: "Cock-Em, what is best in life?"

Cock-Em: "To suck big, natural titties, see them jiggle before you, and to hear the orgasms of your women!"

Chief: "Yes! It is good!" (Loud cheering in background)

All joking aside... is there anything better in life than Kali West. Scoreland is blessed with an over-abundance of "one-percenters" or what could be called "complete women." Girls that overflow in those feminine attributes that define perfect female form and sexuality in the male psyche. Kali is female physical perfection. She is the poster-child for that 1%.

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