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Hooked On Hooking

Featuring June Summers
Date August 11th, 2009
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June Summers is damned near perfect playing a pay-for-playgirl. In fact, she is perfect. From her summery hooker wear (tank top, booty shorts, heels) to her cigarette and nasty street attitude, she could win the Hooker of The Year award at the next Pimps and Ho's banquet. This trick has a roll of cash just waiting to be burned and when June sees the roll in his pants, she's more than happy to offer him a deep-dick discount. To push him over the edge in his buying decision, she gives him a free head sample in the front seat of his car. That's more than enough to convince him to ride the mattress with her and off they head to the nearest sleaze motel where they can linger away the afternoon with June's special brand of fun and sex games. It's not the girfriend experience but then again, just a fuck and suck is fine. For June, it's not about getting guys to prepare to fall in love. It's about getting guys to pre-pay to fall in love.

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