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Busty Pole Swinger

A SCORE article called The Complete Guide To Lap Dancing noted that: "In a bottomless club, the girls who are showing pussy and spreading their asses will most likely give the best lap dances. In a topless-only club, the girls who are constantly pushing the rules by either pulling aside their G-strings for a sneak peek or pulling their G-strings up their pussies are going to give the best lap dances." But in this strip joint, June Summers has no restrictions. She can do whatever she wants. She'll do whatever the patrons want. No managers and bouncers will throw out customers and suspend the dancers for violating the no-contact rules. In fact, in this club, you can fuck the dancers. Right on stage. In full view of the customers. No need to go into the dark VIP room and do it on the sly. No holds are barred and all bets are off in this lap dance club.
Date: August 30th, 2008
Duration: 60
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