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September 2005 Voluptuous

Juliet is a waitress and writer in Las Vegas, Nevada. At 42-30-38, 135 pounds and 5'4", she attracts her rightful share of attention. Juliet saw a copy of Voluptuous on the shelf at a book store and bought it. Back at home, she pored through it and was positively surprised at what she saw. Then she contacted our studio because after looking at a choice selection of sexy, big-titted babes she felt that "I could do that too and why not take a chance?" We appreciate women with guts and verve. A jet ticket here, a hotel room there, and Juliet, a real cutie, was in the make-up chair in Miami. You can tell she's a writer, and an intellectual at that, because she lists as her favorite movies, Igby Goes Down and the Trois Colours trilogy by Polish fimmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski. Is something wrong with Sylvester Stallone movies? Juliet doesn't go for sports, prefering nature, art and dance instead. So she won't want to go with you to a wrestling match and then a detour to the drive-thru at In-And-Out Hamburger. Juliet likes sex a few times a week and says that "slow, deep vaginal intercourse" satisfies her best.
Featuring: Juliet
Duration: 40
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