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Voluptuous July 2006

Probably one of the greatest compliments given to Joana is " look at her and see nothing phony." This coveted quality emanates out of every picture, every video frame that Joana appears in. Steve said: "She is so hot and made me cum in my shorts as soon as I saw her take that bra off." Ernesto emailed: "Incredible body and exotic beauty that tops all other models." Lewis agreed: "This woman is almost too perfect. Enough to make me start believing there is a God and he is a V-Man." B.D. accused Joana of "..seducing me with her sensual eyes and lovely dark hair." That's quite possible. She has the magic. What's also very noticeable about Joana is that she has not one single tattoo anywhere staining her smooth, creamy skin and not one metallic piercing in her tongue, navel or clit. We don't have to tell you how rare this is today when so many models and "non-models" are painting cartoon characters on their butts and ankles. .
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Duration: 50
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