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Score January 2006

"I sure got the hots for Joana!" writes Daryl. "She doesn't disappoint my eyes, that's for sure! She can gladly serve my coffee black, with sugar (with her, being the last item on the counter, of course!). I sure hope to see more of her in the coming months!" Another Joana acolyte says "Joana is the only one of the nominees who I truly feel I would ever have a chance of seeing in real life. She looks like a real woman who might actually live here in Rhode Island. Models like Anna Jota and Summer Sinn, while appealing, look far too professional, hence unapproachable. Joana is the type of woman I'd love to find myself under a quilt with, snuggled up next to on a cold, winter night here in Rhode Island..but you guys down in Miami wouldn't know about that!" At least you guys in Rhode Island don't have to deal with hurricanes! .
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Duration: 57
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