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Garden Girl

Joana goes the country girl way to tend her garden. She makes a great country girl. In fact, Joana is great in anything she does. And how does Joana's garden grow? If Joana's world-famous big boobs are a sign, then her garden does grow very nicely. Mr. P.B. recently wrote V-mag about Joana and only about Joana. "This beautiful and busty woman truly is like a fine wine. She only gets better with time. Her return was the same for me.
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: October 26th, 2013
Duration: 85

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Love her big boobs in her skimpy little top
1 year ago 
Notice how spectacular her figure becomes when cameraman decides to take finally a FULL BODY SHOT of her body example picture 66, she is standing full nude, she is standing straight arms down so no covering her boobs that is perfect, the only thing is again camera is too low or too close to the floor almost like a worm view effect if camera is a little higher that picture will be PERFECTION, this update is very uncommon because we got 25 FULL BODY IMAGES on FRAME, that is super rare, normally we can get just 2 or 3 if we are lucky, cameraman does not give us that huge amount of FULL BODY SHOTS, sometimes I just say that as long as cameraman can take with camera not too low and not too high a good FULL BODY SHOT with model standing straight no bending no covering the boobs with hands then he can take in that way the 3 shots I always say THE FRONT, SIDE and BACK then he can take tons and tons of the other kind of shots, that always are every single angle very close and too low, but never or sometimes just 1 FULL BODY SHOT, not fair at all but I hope score can tell them to always capture the model's full body on a normal camera height angle... thanks..
3 years ago 
She have an incredible body, beautiful eyes and a great everywhere. I saw her since she began and she always impressed me, continue your good jobs ;)
4 years ago 
Joanna is beautiful. lovely eyes they make her special and of coarse a great body Joanna keeps getting better
4 years ago 
Joanna is very lovely. and very pretty eyes. thank you
4 years ago 
Absolutely bodacious! The newer, meatier, more voluptuous version of Joanna is so much hotter than the 2004/05 version
4 years ago 
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