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Joana's Breast Gym Class

It's boob gym time with New Age wonder woman Joana Bliss, so we had to have the place closed off for a few hours or the shoot would never have been finished. Joana goes through her breast workout sets and we'd swear that her boobs have gotten even bigger since her last time with SCORELAND. "Besides my love of yoga, I like to swim, and I play lawn tennis when I have a chance," Joana said. "I like to watch sports sometimes." No one is more of a hang-loose, nature girl than Joana. "I love to spend time at the seashore..the forest, and I love plants. I enjoyed visiting the Dominican Republic with such beautiful girls, Valory, Sha, Hitomi and Vanessa. When I see the pictures, I think about them with love." "I do not think of modeling as a job. When you do something with pleasure, you do not think of it as a job or work. The day goes quickly and with the right people, it is even better. .
Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: May 20th, 2017
Duration: 65

Member Comments

8 months ago 
Joanna you are THE most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life, my cock is harder than granite for you-OMG!!!
1 year ago 
I wish a gorgeous beauty like Joanna worked out at my gym. I know that, if she did, i'd definitely go a helluva lot more! Anyway, great set.
1 year ago 
Terrific new photo shoots of two all-time great Score girls - Joana and Stephanie Stalls. What a special week! Keep them coming.
1 year ago 
I urge more of this tetona!!
1 year ago 
Beautiful Stunning Girl with huge large heavy breast. Question to camera-crew why not taking a FULL FRONT COMPLETE BODY SHOT like picture26 that pic is showing her standing up and she is showing her back view which is just stunning beautiful, why not telling her to rotate her body in order to show the front view of her body and then you guys can take her FULL FRONT standing up straight no bending her body, such an important picture is ALWAYS EXCLUDED, FORGOTTEN OR SIMPLY IS NOT A PRIORITY, that is very sad, we need to see at least one image showing the true full complete from head to toe body shot, boobs hanging free alone no hands covering them, please do not forget to include at least that ONE IMAGE, is all we ask. Notice we get 65 images and just one image picture 26, just that one is showing her full body standing up straight, body complete from head to toe and boobs hanging free, that back view is important and nice, but truly more important is the FULL FRONT VIEW, please let us see the full model's body standing up straight full nude or topless boobs alone hanging free NO HANDS ON THEM, let us see the full body standing up straight and not only seated, or laying down, we always get those shots in huge amounts but standing up straight full body shots are very rare almost they are extinct here, THANKS>>>
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