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Featuring: Jessica Turner
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Here's to the girl with the archy eyebrows and lovely pontoons. Today is Jessie's Boob Cruise Day so we have prepared this Megaspecial in her honor. The following quotes were taken from an interview we did with Miss Turner when she first entered the spotlight. "My breasts first blossomed when I was 12. I was a C cup, and from then on, they just got bigger and bigger. I definitely find that having very large breasts has made my life different. I always get attention wherever I go. Sometimes it's good attention and sometimes it's bad. Some people even choose to laugh at me but I guess they are jealous! I did find it harder when I was younger, now I just take it with a grain of salt." "I buy a lot of Marks and Spencer bras as they are always a lovely fit and are comfortable. However, Charnos and Playtex bras suit me.

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