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Holiday 2000 Score

Lensed on Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. The girl with the arched eyebrows, hyper-charged facial expressions, and superabundant bosom celebrated her sweet 21st birthday on May 1st on Boob Cruise 2000. A bottle of bubbly and a cake was SCORE's gift to her that night, and every passenger was ordered to buy her a drink. Jessica, one of the three Brit babes on board, was the ultimate delight. We are not writing this to make flattering statements. Jess radiates high spirits and fun, in whatever she does. The Boob Cruise was the perfect place for her to completely unleash that tremendous power. And that power is simply the love of life, and a strong awareness of other people. She had a kind word, and an interest in everyone, especially the shy passengers who tended to keep in the background during the week. If every model we ever encountered could be just like Jessica Turner, we would be living on easy street.
Featuring: Jessica Turner
Duration: 20
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