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Last Call For Boobs

Jessica Taylor has two jobs and they couldn't be more opposite. She's a dancer and she's a construction contractor. She erects buildings and she erects man-poles at a nude club called Taboo in Arcadia, California. "It's actually kind of a conservative club, so you only get full nude when the girls are on the stage but when we give lapdances, we're fully clothed. We give lapdances in full bikinis, tops and bottoms," Jessica explained in a recent interview. Her construction co-workers haven't seen her in her..other work clothes.."but I do get a lot of guys who come into the club who work in construction. They question me about it while I am dancing and they love that I work in the same field that they do. They kind of like that a girl like me can have big boobs and be a dancer but can also put up drywall and lay down tile at the same time." While Jessica is dancing, if they are thinking like us, they are thinking about laying down more than tiles. What kind of guys does she go for? "I am into guys who make me laugh and are into the same things that I am into." Jessica did a bar pictorial this time. If she had stood on the bar and flung her top off, it would have been a "Coyote Ugly" tribute.
Featuring: Jessica Taylor
Date: April 16th, 2010
Duration: 55
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