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Interview With Jessica Taylor

Featuring: Jessica Taylor
Date: February 1st, 2010
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The Jessica Taylor Interview Originally Published in January 2010 V-MAG Interview conducted by Maria Guerrero, editor We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with E-cup newcomer, Jessica Taylor, a shy and quirky 22 year old from Southern California and we have to hand it to her, Jessica is pretty hot. Why is Jessica so smokin'? Because not only is she beautiful and has nice, full tits with pale areolae, but she is also totally unaware of how beautiful she is. She isn't one of those girls who knows she's hot. In fact, she is one of those girls that could hang out with a room full of guys and not have a clue as to her affect on them. This redhead sat down with us after her first shoot ever and told us all about the world of online gaming, how she rides four-wheelers and flips them! And about how she is just looking for a nice guy to take his time and give her a creamy tit massage. Yeah, she's looking for a guy to touch her tits..a lot. Sounds like the perfect girl to us! V-MAG: Welcome to Voluptuous mag, Jessica. We love redheads with big tits and newcomers, so obviously, we are very happy to see you today. Jessica: And I'm excited to be here. Excited and nervous to be posing for the first time.

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