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December 1999 Voluptuous

Good Lord! That's what we collectively cried when we saw Jenny's first pics during the prep work on the Winter '95 editon of Voluptuous. (Sold out, unfortunately) Seeing Jenny was a shocker, and we felt lucky that such a girl was willing to pose starkers for us. And, she didn't have an annoying boyfriend who wanted to lock her away! The incredible one brings her now prime 22-year-old covergirl body to her 7th pictorial with lots of tit play in all kinds of positions. For many, Jenny has the greatest tits in the history of recorded titdom. Repeating her stats once more, keeping in mind that Jenny is still a growing, healthy young lass: she's 5'5" tall, weighs 167 lbs., measures 50-30-39 and hooks on a heavyweight 50II bra! Good Lord again! A 1998 Voluptuous Model of the Year contestant (losing in a narrow margin to fellow Brit Carol Brown), Jenny can be seen in the videos "Jenny! Private Session" and "Sammie and Jenny," two of the most boobiful vids ever shot. With tears in our eyes, we tell you that we won't be seeing Jenny for a while. She's signed a contract to work as a massage therapist on a Caribbean cruiseline for the next 8 months. Let's pray some millionaire boobmaniac passenger doesn't offer her a marriage contract. OK, so we're selfish! In addition to her stunning layout in Black & Stacked SCORE special # 29 , for the Voluptuous completists, here's a rundown of Jenny's previous issues: Winter '95, January '96, March '97, January '98, August '98 (one of our wildest covers), Holiday '98, and Score Special #12 Stacked & Packed. Enjoy this awesome Jenny photo set.
Featuring: Jenny
Duration: 24
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