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Field of Bra Dreams

Featuring: Jenna Valentine
Date: August 21st, 2010
Photos: 100
Here's something you don't see every day of the week. A suitcase full of brassieres hung out on a clothesline, under the supervision of no less a gorgeous, bra-filling delight than Jenna Valentine, resident goddess of Boob Valley, California. We did something similar years ago with a model named Amy Clifford in May '99 V-Mag, though not as elaborate as Jenna's brapalooza. More recently, in February '07 SCORE, Crystal Gunns tried on several hooter-holsters against a backdrop of big bras on an indoor clothesline. Jenna tries on a selection and after you see a few pictures, you'll agree that she was meant to model bras in catalogs and Sunday newspapers. In fact, if we sold bras in the eBoobStore, we'd hire Miss Valentine in a heartbeat. Her soft, creamy, veiny double-F titties are meant to have the comfiest support possible. There's a lot of great photos in our Bra Special section in Galleries but this is one of the best bra photo shoots yet. We call it "The Field of Bra Dreams," a land where sweatermeat slings await harvesting by beautiful busties. King of brassieres Mr.

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August 23, 2010
August 22, 2010
I forgot how hot hanging clothes could be! God damn I love Jenna's classic flare.
August 21, 2010
If Jenna heard a whisper of "If you show them he will cum" then she heard right, I
did. Thanks Jenna!

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