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Jade In A Green Room

Her eyes opened like saucers when we once brought up the topic of guys jacking off all over her pictures. Hey, we were just being direct. And then she began giggling. Deep down inside, all women get a thrill from the idea of guys beating off to their images. The nice thing about growing up Jade? It seems that early on, no matter how Jade dressed, she was constantly being carded by bartenders and club-owners who thought she was underage. We believe that had everything to do with Jade's sweet, young face. Jade's always dressed like a woman moreso than a teenager, and she's got a soft spot for stockings and garters and frilly, pretty bras. Of course, when a girl is sporting a 42-27-36 figure and filling out a 34F bra, most bouncers are going to let her slide by. Now that's she's maturing, she's having less trouble getting served and into the clubs. As far as we're concerned? That's two types of bouncers we'll give thumbs-up to.
Featuring: Jade
Duration: 30
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