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She's So Horny

W.V. believes that "If not for Minka, Jade Feng would most likely rank as the top Asian sex star. I love her big tits and hairy pussy." So what's Jade been doing lately? She likes to travel, so she did some of that. We caught up with the Chinese-American mega-buster for the latest news. "I went again to the Anime Expo in Los Angeles this summer and dressed up as Tifa Lockhart, one of my favorite characters," said Jade, who is a huge anime and manga fan. "Tifa Lockhart is the female karate fighter from the game Final Fantasy 7. Then I went to Glacier National Park for a week. Montana is a two day drive from me. It is very beautiful there. I had a nice time but the weather wasn't so great." Jade kicked in an idea herself for SCORE.
Featuring: Jade Feng
Date: September 23rd, 2008
Duration: 60
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