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From Berlin With Jugs

Jacky O is a nice find from Berlin, Germany. Our studio team photographed her while in Berlin on one of several road trips seeking new babes. This is her first Voluptuous photo shoot. She was born August 22, 1984, stands 5'6", weighs 126 pounds, measures 40-28-34 and wears 36DD brassieres. Both nipples are pierced as is her navel and the area right above the start of her clitoral hood, all of which adds up to the sure signs of a rampaging libido despite the deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes. Surprisingly, Jacky's tongue isn't pierced with one of those ball-thingies. Our staff tells us she's a playful girl with no shyness about showing, parting and spreading her snatch, called puderdose in German, and she even came up with the idea of using the pomegranate fruit in the photos. Jacky likes listening to German rock bands on her iPod, watching soaps on TV, reading celebrity magazines and wearing tank tops over tight bras. Sounds like any 20something chick living in the UK and USA!
Featuring: Jacky O
Date: June 16th, 2008
Duration: 80
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