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March 2002 Voluptuous

So you want to be a SCORE Group photographer and shoot the girls with the big swingers? Take this simple quiz to see if you have the right stuff. During the meal break, you: A) Eat with the model and studio staffers and explain the rest of the day's shooting. B) Go to the SCORE men's room, find a stall and jack off a couple of loads to relieve the unbearable stress of your swollen nuggets. C) Jump in your car, drive around until you see a streetwalker, and get a $25 blowjob in your front seat. D) Go into the model's purse and substitute the bullets in her handgun for blanks. Answer: A. One of the most popular big titty V-Girls of 2001, Ivy and her naturally huge rib rack made a profound impression on boob connoisseurs. Heavy, packed with meat, and beautifully shaped, with light brown saucer-sized areolae and eraser-nubbed nips, her tits are straight out of the V-Mag boob bible. Ivy's body overall is really smokin' too and shouldn't be undervalued: great ass, great legs, a pretty pussy and quality asshole. It's cold right now in Rochester, New York so Ivy's nips must be perky day and night.
Featuring: Ivy
Duration: 25

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